C6 Pre-Cut Sound and Heat Insulation Kit

Thanks for checking out the best insulation for you C6.

Offered in FULL or HALF Kits.

Base kit or EXTREME KITS

Available for ALL C6's

Coupes, Widebodies, and Convertibles.


With over 1500+ satisfied customers on this product from C4, C5, C6, & C7 models,

have no fear, YOU WILL BE HAPPY WITH IT!

Those stock Run-Flat tires can really make some noise - cut it down with this kit.

If you've added aftermarket exhaust this will help cut down drone.

If you've been on any decent road trips in your C6 yet, particularly on hot days,

 you've probably noticed the console gets quite hot. So do your feet down there under the dash. 

The side of your leg against the console gets roasted.

This kit makes a HUGE reduction in heat. 

With our kit you'll be able to use your center console to keep things in without

the worry of it melting! Forget about the console heat on your legs and feet forever.

The noise reduction will make conversations much more enjoyable with your passenger.

 The stereo will perform more efficiently with less road noise to compete against. 

Climate control will cool down faster and more efficiently.

The base kit material is a semi-dense neoprene foam covered on BOTH sides with heat-rejecting foil.

(REJECTS 97% of radiant heat) It is 3/16" thick so it will not interfere with fit for reassembly. 

The Extreme Kit adds 15 pounds of rubber-based, heavy, sound-deadening, noise-blocking 

insulation that really cuts down noise levels even more than the base kit!

The base kit material was also used in Dodge Vipers from the factory and Prowlers (when they were in production)

and a big manufacturer like that wouldn't spend money on something that didn't work.

Full installation instruction files are included with each kit to guide even

 inexperienced customers through the disassembly and install,

 with pictures,tool list (basic hand tools is all you need), and floor layout diagrams. 

Average install time for one person should take 5-8 hours for a full kit.

We recommend having a full day free though.

Requires one roll of aluminum tape for edge-sealing clean look,

 and an optional can of spray adhesive.

For you 'weight conscious' guys, the full Base Kit only weighs FIVE pounds!

However, the EXTREME KIT is worth the extra cost and 15 pounds if 

max sound reduction is what you're after.

Our kits are perfect for everyone from a weekend cruiser to a track racer.

Full or Half Kit:
Coupe, Z06, or Convertible
Base Level Kit Ordering
Full or Half Kit:
Coupe, Z06, or Convertible
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