The narrow body with a Z06 bumper vent
Self-Installed kit by Jaime at Cantu Motorsports

So you own a C6 and love it.....

but you also LOVE those modern C7 lights?

Tons of time and money in your C6?

Just want something different than everyone else at the car show?

Want the look of a new Vette without the new car payment?

The C67 conversion comes in three levels explained below on this page!

You can convert ANY C6 into a C67!

Widebody / Narrow Body / Convertible or Coupe


We have them available new for $850 each (cheapest price around)

Complete bolt-on replacement bumper with C67 wing. - $1500
Just add C7 tail light housings to our rear bumper
Widebody Z06 REPLACEMENT fenders
Replacement Widebody C67 Front Bumper



If you have a Zr1 or Z06 or GS (factory widebody cars) this is the kit for you!


Replacement pair of C67 fiberglass fenders (see above right pic)

and a fiberglass bumper which has a Zr1 style

lower lip along the bottom edge (———>)

UPPER BUMPER half for narrow AND widebody cars



Includes the replacement widebody fenders (shown above)

and the upper half of the front bumper (——>)

The benefit of this is that if you have a carbon fiber or 

a rubber/urethane front splitter you can keep the bottom half

 of your original bumper

You also retain all factory mounts for foglights/grills/under panels

 of the OEM bumper

Narrow Body / Base C6 cars

Narrow Body / Base Kit 


This kit includes 2 bumper and 2 fender panels which will fit on ANY C6 

(Widebody or Narrow) $1500 (see —->)

Or $2000 with Z06 bumper vent upper bumper

The upgraded kit for $2000 replaces the two bumper panels

with the upper bumper cap that adds the Z06/Zr1/GS vent

on ANY C6 - even narrow body cars!

The bumper cap makes the install quicker and easier while

adding the bumper vent which of the Z06 and ZR1

The $2000 option is the most popular and easiest kit for the narrow body cars

The C67 Corvette....

Argueably the best looking, most reasonably priced kit to give your C6 the modern updated look of the C7

You get the beautiful C7 headlights with the daytime running lights that catch your eye from way down the road, day or night! You get the improved projector which gives you better road vision at night as well as high-beam HID (C6 uses regular halogen high-beam)

Unlike the C7, you have fog lights too!

 NEW LED FOG LIGHT Kit Upgrade ordering option in the drop-down

below if you REALLY want light up the road at night

Most people who don't know Corvettes assume your car is a brand new Corvette. 

Most Corvette owners are doing a double-take when you pass them by or they walk past it in a parking spot

Either way you get the look of a $100k+ new Z06 on your 2006-2013 C6 Corvette

 for a price you can put on a credit card!

We offer free local pickup or freight shipping on larger kits

C6 to C7 adapter plugs
BOLT ON replacement rear bumper
We have brand new C7 headlights for $850 each
Narrow Body cars
Narrow Body Car without Z06 vent
This is our non-widebody next to a C7
C67Z to C7Z - The C67 is much more horizontal and low profile
Aerial View with C7 window pieces added
Created by Exotic Vette Inc