Does your vehicle not have HUD or is it broken?! 

 You're in LUCK!!! You've just come across one of the most inexpensive, easiest to install, best looking, larger than factory HUD display units available! You can put this in just about ANY CAR WITH AN OBD2 CANBUS (2007 and newer). I have use this unit on numerous cars - some as old as 2005 and up. Contact us if you are unsure. 

This unit looks and works awesome and for only $69.99 you can't beat the results

Note:  The RPMs bar only go up to 6000 but the numerical goes up to 9999. 

This is not intended to be used for racing or as a shift indicator, it is a luxury and safety option that keeps you aware of your speed and RPMS and other engine information without taking your eyes off the road.

This HUD is about the thickness of an iPhone and not only does it look GREAT but it is packed full of features:


Voltage display

Water temp

Distance travelled on current trip

Bar graph of RPMS as well as numerical display of RPMS

Time display

Fuel consumption

Self dimming with ambient light sensor means no messing with brightness

On/Off with the ignition

Scans computer for Check Engine Light codes as well as allows you to reset them

Allows for adjustable alerts on low voltage, high temp, overspeed

Allows adjustment of wheel/tire size so you can get accurate speed display with any tire size (very nice feature)

Comes with a wireless remote you can mount on your console or dash, or keep in your glove box, to change features and adjustments

NO PERMANENT CHANGES TO YOUR VEHICLE - Can even be used portable being so easy to use you could use it in a rental or a loaner or a family member's vehicle on a road trip. It simply plugs in to your OBD 2 CANBUS (2007 and newer vehicles) and you place it on the dash with the reusable window reflector to make it visible day and night. Even in the brightest sunlight you can see it (better than the OEM Corvette) and even if you have polarized sunglasses it's still visible.

If you love the HUD in your Vette and want it in your other vehicles, this is the way to go! 

If you don't have factory HUD in your Vette, this is the way to go!

Makes a great gift for family and friends and loved ones to keep them safer and possibly prevent speeding tickets.

The center picture below shows the comparison of the factory C6 HUD to our unit.

(It's using the optional suction cup reflector but the stick-on reflector comes with it as well

which does not need suction cups)

The right picture shows how thin the unit is even with the trim around it to make the

flat unit seamlessly fit the curve of almost any dashboard!

Not available anywhere else!

We now include a black trim piece with 3M adhesive 

and a second tint option color for the reflector.

Look at that matching color to the gauges
VERY sunny FL day - still more visible than the stock HUD
On a non-HUD C6
Created by Exotic Vette Inc