C67 Corvette Kit

C67 Corvette Kit


C8 Corvette DOUBLE EXTREME Insulation Kit

Pre-Cut Dual-Layer Insulation Kit with installation guide $429+ shipping


The Corvette C8 is one of the quietest and most advanced Corvettes to ever hit the road. HOWEVER if you’ve been on any roadtrips or tours or even just commute often….. it can still be less than serene. The tire noise and drivetrain noise was a lot more than most hoped for. If you drive in other cars that are more designed towards luxury than performance you will quickly notice that the car is actually quite loud inside with the windows up.

After disassembling the C8 it is apparently why the sound gets into the cabin through the weight-saving thin panels and openings. Our dual layer Extreme Insulation Kit will really make your car much more civil on rough roads and long drives. Let you listen to the stereo or phone calls or your passenger at a much more enjoyable sound level.

After doing Corvette insulation kits for two decades, with THOUSANDS of Corvettes around the world carrying drivers and passengers around in a much quieter and cooler interior, this kit will make your ride more comfortable and enjoyable. 

TOO QUIET? No, the Corvette will never be a Rolls Royce luxury sedan of silence. Some guys are concerned they won’t get the same thrill of the exhaust on their Corvette. This kit will reduce a lot of the road/tire/drivetrain noise but the exhaust will still be audible (although the C8 exhaust in the car with the windows up is pretty muted in stock form) the same with the windows down. 

The insulation kits really make a difference for guys who want to enjoy a nice ‘as quiet as possible’ ride sometimes. You can always roll the windows down but when you want your ‘rolling office of luxury on wheels’ you just roll those windows up and have that business meeting or phone call.


The first layer being laid down on the C8 Coupe Interior
The first layer being laid down on the C8 Coupe Interior
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